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The Institute of Process Systems Engineering is headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. N. Germann since October 1, 2022 and is part of the Stuttgart Process Engineering at Faculty 4 - Energy, Process and Bioengineering.

Our research focuses on soft materials of industrial importance with the aim of uncovering the relationship between internal structural and macroscopic material properties and how processing can be designed or optimized to obtain desired product properties. Our current activities include:

  • Combination of laboratory experiments with modelling and simulation for process design and optimization
  • Structure-rheology-function process relationships
  • Sensors and machine learning tools
  • In-situ measurements of structural changes during mechanical testing

For students from Faculty 4, we offer a variety of courses in process systems engineering and related fields. We are dedicated teachers with the goal of equipping students with the skills they need for their first job after graduation.

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Böblinger Straße 78, 70199 Stuttgart, Germany

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